Awareness Brings Choice

Do you have the desire to create your own vision of an inspiring life?  Are you curious to how you may be holding yourself back from getting the results you truly want?  Have you ever wondered why you don’t always follow through on your commitments?

Like most of us, the daily grind can wear you down and leave you wondering, “Is this all there is?”. Often, we can’t see how our own way of being is creating our reality. Our unconscious beliefs and behaviors shape our experience of the world. But how does one discover one’s own unconscious?

Meditation has been used for thousands of years as a technique to know one’s self better. But, as the wise philosopher Alan Watts once said, “You can’t look directly into your own eyes”. That’s true, unless of course, you use a mirror.

Inter-subjective Meditation is a technique that acts as a mirror for your own consciousness. It’s blend of concentration and contemplative practices allows you to utilize the genuine curiosity of another person, and begin to see some of your blind spots.

The process is simple and logical. Once you have cultivated awareness around your previously unconscious behaviors, you then have choice around whether or not you continue to react in the same way.  Without that awareness, you remain stuck, not knowing how the same situation continues to happen.

Contact me at for a free introduction to Inter-Subjective Meditation.

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